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Get your Birth Control on your own schedule, no waiting.

How to get birth control online
Prescription from medical doctors

Licensed medical professionals

Affordable contraception

Affordable options

The birth control pill, patch or injection is prescribed

Multiple Birth Control Options 

Free delivery of medication to your door

Free delivery

How it Works

Order any contraceptive method online

Online Screening

Complete a 2 minute health questionnaire where information on your health and birth control brand preference is collected

A doctor will review your birth control prescription

Medical Review

Our medical team reviews your order for eligibility and safety within 24 hours

Your contraceptive medication is delivered to your door and prescribed online


We either deliver your docs straight to your inbox to collect your birth control or we deliver your birth control to your door.

Order or Renew Birth Control

If you know what kind of birth control you’re looking for you can select one from below. If you are unsure, you can schedule a digital consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your needs

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