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Your guide to purchasing birth control and other contraceptives online | For South African women

Although oral contraceptives require a prescription in South Africa, it is no longer necessary to visit a doctor in person to obtain one.

Contraceptive pills have become a popular and reliable method for preventing pregnancy, with a 99 percent success rate when used correctly. Today, birth control pills are more accessible than ever due to online resources and delivery services. Continue reading to learn more about birth control and the online services available to South African women. 

Where & how to buy your birth control online

Buying birth control online may be more convenient for many people, especially people who do not have access to healthcare clinics.

However, you will need a prescription from a medical professional before being able to order birth control. Get My Pill and other services like it make it possible for you to order your prescription online, have your medication delivered to your door, and even schedule a digital appointment with a doctor—all without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


How to purchase your contraceptives from Get My Pill

Get My Pill provides a wide variety of services  geared toward the health and wellness of women. This includes testing for sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer, as well as options for ordering birth control, which includes a prescription for three hormonal contraceptive methods, namely the patch, the pill, and the injection.

Additionally, we offer free door-to-door delivery of medications throughout South Africa. Although it is up to you to decide how you would like to obtain your medication.

 Two options are available:

  1. You may choose to only order a prescription and use it at any nearby pharmacy to obtain your medication.
  2. You may opt for our free monthly delivery option, in which case you will purchase your medications directly from our delivery partner, Clicks pharmacy through their EFT option. Medical aid is also accepted to cover your medication.


What will my prescription & medication cost me?

The below table lists the cost of a prescription from Get My Pill. 

Contraceptive method

3-month script

6-month script

The pill



The patch



The injection




The price of your contraceptive will depend on what the pharmacy charges. If you would like to learn how medication is priced in South Africa as well as a list of available brands and their maximum price, you can view our price list for birth control pills here.


List of online providers of birth control in South Africa



Contro provides treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), thrush, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

In order to receive free delivery of your birth control, you will initially be required to sign up and complete a health questionnaire. After that, you will receive a virtual doctor's consultation.

If you have medical aid, you will be charged R150p/m. Cash customers will be charged anywhere from R240 - R400 p/m.


MyContraceptive by Zoie Health


Zoie Health is a digital healthcare app that offers virtual doctor consultations as well as a contraception delivery service called MyContraceptive that provides monthly delivery of your preferred method of birth control.

You can book a consultation via the app (or website) with a medical professional who will assist you in selecting the best contraception. Then it will be shipped monthly.

A consultation will cost R250 (medical aid may cover). A consultation with delivery included will cost you anywhere from R150 to R300 a month.


Pill Squad

You can send them your current prescription for contraception, finish making the payment (if your medical aid covers the purchase, then you will need to submit those details), and then wait for your delivery.

If you are on medical aid, this service will be covered. Otherwise, you must pay with cash or a credit card. Delivery costs are not listed on their website.



Key Takeaway 

Oral contraceptives are a method that is both reliable and effective in preventing pregnancy and easing the discomfort of menstruation. Pills that prevent pregnancy can treat a variety of health problems, and some types of cancer such as endometrial and ovarian cancer.

Companies that deliver birth control via the internet help remove barriers to access by providing a quick and low-cost way to obtain birth control, regardless of whether or not the customer has medical aid.

It is best to exercise caution and learn as much as possible about a company before placing an order when shopping online .






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