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About Us

All birth control methods require a doctor's visit for a prescription. 
With Get My Pill you can get the healthcare you need from the comfort of your home.


Who we are 

Get My Pill is a digital health service created by a team of South African doctors who felt that they could offer a more simple and convenient care to their patients with healthcare online. In 2019, we set out with the intention of providing an alternative that would replace all of the unnecessary aspects of visiting a doctor with a medically approved health form, private online consults, and medication delivered straight to your front door.


Life can be complicated. Getting your hormonal contraception shouldn't be.

Everyone's schedule is full enough as it is, so going to the doctor just to have your prescription renewed or standing in line at the pharmacy to pick up your medication shouldn't be the only option available to you.

In a country where choices are limited, we want to provide you with options that are both convenient and affordable. That is why we've got you covered for the: 

  • Prescription for the pill, patch, or injection.
  • Simple & fast prescription renewals 
  • Medication delivered to your door with free delivery
  • The option to use your prescription at any local pharmacy
  • Expert advice from our medical doctors by booking a consult 

Contraception isn't the only thing we decided to cover. 

We are here to assist you in maintaining a healthy sexual life as well. We are all familiar with the pap smear, which is a testing procedure that not only requires a trip to the doctor but also involves some level of discomfort. Get My Pill now offers testing for the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as testing for cervical cancer so that we can provide you with the best possible care.