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Doctor's Consultation

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This is a telephonic consultation with a Get My Pill medical doctor regarding advice on using the appropriate birth control method. 

Our doctors can help you with any of the following topics:

- Selecting the right contraceptive method/s

- Questions on how to use the contraceptive method/s

- Common side effects or topics to be aware of

- General contraceptive health questions/topics

A 6-month prescription is included in the consultation. Please note that the medication is not included and will need to be obtained from a registered South African pharmacy using your prescription. 

How it works

  • Once you have booked the consultation, you will receive an email request for your medical history through an online form.
  • Our medical team will then review the information given and will call you directly on the number provided to assist you with your consultation.
  • Consultations are done on the day if booked during working hours on a weekday. During busier periods it may take an additional working day before you are called.