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The Cost of the Pill: What Should I Expect?

We all know that birth control can be quite pricey, so if you're wondering about the cost of contraceptive pills - you've landed in the right place. 

The cost of the contraceptive pill will vary depending on the brand and the pharmacy that supplies the medication ( for example most people use the pharmacy at Dischem or Clicks). Here you will find information on birth control pills names and prices and how you can get your medication prescribed online.

birth control pills in south africa price and names

What is the price of birth control pills in South Africa?

For most brands, 1 pill pack lasts for 1 month, and each pack can cost anywhere from R60 to R360. The table below represents the maximum price that you should be paying for your medicines.

*Please note these prices are regulated by the South African government and are only a guideline for what you might pay. Pharmacies cannot advertise the exact price of prescription medications online because of government regulations.


Birth control pill names and their prices

Medication name 

Price of Contraceptive Pills

Biphasil R 60.17 - R 110.16
Hy-An R 77.56 - R 136.76
Triphasil R 101.48 - R 173.33
Ruby R 119.89 - R 200.16
Microval R 89.77 - R 155.44
Oralcon R 85.03 - R 148.18
Levette R 90.83 - R 157.05
Nordette R 113.65 - R 191.95
Marvelon 28 R 116.00 - R 195.53
Femodene R 122.91 - R 204.33
Melodene R 136.35 - R 222.87
Mercilon R 134.01 - R 219.65
Ginette-35 R 145.49 - R 235.48
Mirelle R 146.93 - R 237.47
Minerva-35 R 156.79 - R 251.07
Zoely R 162.98 - R 259.60
Yasmin R 170.75 - R 270.33
Minerva R 156.79 - R 251.07
Yasmin Plus R 163.73 - R 260.64
Eloine R 159.60 - R 254.94
Qlaira R 202.35 - R 313.92
Diane-35 R 204.63 - R 317.06
Yaz R 206.62 - R 319.81
Yaz-plus R 197.40 - R 307.09


How to purchase the oral contraceptive pill online

To get a prescription in the past, you had to make an appointment and visit a doctor's office. If that method of birth control didn't work for you, you'd be back at square one, needing to schedule another in-person appointment. Then take more time during the week to try to find the right medication for you.

Fortunately, telehealth services like Get My Pill are changing that. Get My Pill provides you with access to a medical team of doctors who will assess your needs and write prescriptions for the medications you require.


How do I get a prescription for the oral contraceptive pill?

1.Fill out our 2-minute health questionnaire where you can choose your brand of contraception or request our clinical team to prescribe a brand for you
2.After receiving your order, our licensed medical providers will review and write a prescription, if medically appropriate
3.Using your prescription, you have the choice of purchasing your medication at the pharmacy or from our delivery partner, Clicks Pharmacy, which also includes free delivery


Oral contraceptive pill
contraception in south africa
Releases hormones that stop ovulation. It comes in a wide range of varieties and is taken daily.
buying contraception in south africa


Unsure which Contraceptive Pill to Choose? Here's What You Can Do

If you are unsure or having trouble choosing a birth control pill you can schedule a telephonic consultation with one of our licensed medical professionals to discuss your needs. The cost of our consult is R400 and includes a 3-month prescription.
picture of a doctor



Additional service features

A prescription for birth control pills
Prescription options: Depending on your needs, you can choose between a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month script. Alternatively, you can subscribe for R90 per month to our subscription plan which will automatically renew your prescription for you.
birth control pills delivered in South Africa
Free delivery: You may opt for our free monthly delivery option, in which case you will purchase your medications directly from our delivery partner, Clicks Pharmacy through their EFT option (after paying our prescription fee, details will be sent via email). Medical aid is also accepted to cover your medication
birth control prescription
No delivery: If you do not want delivery your script will be sent directly to your email and can be used at any pharmacy in South Africa. (If your pharmacy does not accept the PDF copy of your prescription, you can email to have your script sent directly to the pharmacy you wish to purchase your medication. We only require the pharmacy's email address).
birth control brands prescribed in south africa
Birth control brand options: ALL birth control brands that are offered in South Africa are available at Get My Pill. We are able to issue a prescription for any brand of birth control provided that the pharmacy has it in stock.


Is it cheaper to schedule an appointment with a doctor versus using a telehealth service?

Going to a doctor for a prescription may appear to be less expensive than using an online telehealth service, but this is not always the case.

Our telehealth service eliminates the need for you to miss work or travel to a doctor's office, saving you both time and money. We also provide medication delivery, which can save you time and money on transportation costs associated with picking up medication in person. Most doctor's appointments only provide a prescription and do not dispense medication, so it must be obtained separately at the pharmacy.



If used consistently every day, the birth control pill is a highly effective method of preventing pregnancy. The pill may also reduce your risk of developing certain conditions such as uterine and ovarian cancer, migraines, and acne. Thanks to telehealth services in South Africa you can order birth control medication and get them delivered right to your door.

If you have any questions or concerns about the pill, you can schedule a telephonic consultation with one of our doctors. If you simply require a prescription for an oral contraceptive pill, please visit us below.

buy birth control pills online in South Africa

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