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Injectable Contraceptive Prescription

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Please note:

Purchasing this item will provide you with a prescription only - you will still need to pay for the injection itself once it has been prescribed. The cost of the injection will depend on the pharmacy you choose, the brand of injection, and any administration fee charged by the nurse.



An electronic prescription for the injectable contraceptive will be sent directly to your email. This can be used at any registered South African pharmacy.

To qualify for the script, a brief medical survey is conducted to exclude any conditions that could lead to a serious complication.


What is the Injectable Contraceptive Used For?

The common use for the injectable contraceptive include:

- Prevention of unwanted pregnancies

- Reduction and avoidance of your period

- Improvement of your skin quality and avoidance of excess acne


How Does the Injectable Contraceptive Work?.

The injectable contraception works by supplementing your body's naturally occurring sex hormones. This then acts to either prevent ovulation and/or implantation, and i also helps regulate your hormonal cycle.


What are some of the Contraindications for the injection?

Some of the more serious contraindications that will prevent us from prescribing you the injectable contraceptive are:

- If you have a history of blood clots

- If you have a family history of breast cancer

- If you are currently pregnant

- If you are extremely overweight (BMI > 35)

- If you drink or smoke heavily

- If you have had a heart attack or any other serious medical condition