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    How to use the oral contraceptive pill 

    How often do I use this?

    One pill is taken per day

    What is the Pill Used For?

    The common use for the Pill include:

    - Prevention of unwanted pregnancies

    - Reduction and avoidance of your period

    - Improvement of your skin quality and avoidance of excess acne

    How Does the Pill Work?

    The contraceptive pill supplements your body's naturally occurring sex hormones estrogen and/or progesterone. This then acts to either prevent ovulation and/or implantation.

    What are some conditions which make it unsuitable for someone to take the Pill?

    Some of the more serious contraindications that will prevent us from prescribing you the oral contraceptive are:

    - If you have a history of blood clots

    - If you have a family history of breast cancer

    - If you are currently pregnant

    - If you are extremely overweight (BMI > 35)

    - If you drink or smoke heavily

    - If you have had a heart attack or any other serious medical condition