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Triphasil pill price at DisChem

If you're considering starting the Triphasil pill and want to know its price at pharmacies like Dischem, you're in the right place!

The price of Triphasil pills at DisChem Pharmacy

You can expect to pay anywhere between R 104.80 - R 178.42 for a pack of Triphasil pills from Dis-Chem pharmacy.

This is only an approximate cost of the pill, not the exact price. For the precise cost, it's best to call the pharmacy directly. Also, medication prices tend to change or increase yearly.

 Finding the exact price of an oral contraceptive online is difficult due to government regulations prohibiting the advertising of prescription medication prices.

 The Triphasil pill at Dis-Chem Pharmacy

Can I purchase the Triphasil pill without a prescription?

At the moment, birth control pills cannot be purchased over the counter and require a prescription in South Africa.

How to purchase the Triphasil Pill at DisChem Pharmacy

To purchase a pack of Triphasil pills at the pharmacy, you must show the pharmacist a prescription issued by a licensed medical practitioner in South Africa.

How do I get a prescription for the Triphasil pill?

You have two options: schedule an in-person doctor's appointment or use an online telehealth service (consult a doctor online). 

How to purchase your pill online

At Get My Pill, we understand not everyone has time for a doctor's consultation (whether online or in person) so we decided to make birth control simple by asking the right questions.

How it works

Select a birth control option

Choose the option for the contraceptive pill

Choose from the following options to get your medication

1. Get a PDF script to purchase your medication at any pharmacy
2. Purchase directly from our delivery partner Clicks through their EFT option (free delivery)

Online Screening

Proceed to checkout to complete a health questionnaire, provide information about your health and contraceptive brand preference, and make the payment for your script.

Medical Review

Our licensed providers will review your order for eligibility and safety within 24 hours

Get your medication

If approved you will receive a script via email. If you have chosen delivery, our partner pharmacy will contact you via email.

Need a guide on how to use this pill?

If you're looking for common questions around this pill like 'How to use Triphasil pills' or 'The meaning of triphasil pill colors' then this comprehensive blog might help you. 

Triphasil pill Guide 

Frequently asked questions

It is safe and simple to purchase birth control online in South Africa from reputable and authorized telehealth providers. Online birth control services can be useful if you need to virtually obtain a prescription or would like to have your medication delivered.The best course of action is to choose in-person care if you have certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure.

All medication prescribed by Get My Pill is the same medication available at your local Dis-Chem pharmacy. The medication we provide has not been altered and is in its original packaging.

How is a telehealth service different from scheduling an appointment with a doctor?

Doctor's appointments require that you attend in person, meaning that you will have to travel there and make time for it.

On the other hand, telehealth services make it simple to get access to medical guidance and consultations from the comfort of one's home or any other place with internet access. Telehealth services can also speed up access to doctors, shorten wait times, and offer a more affordable alternative for minor health issues.

In this case, the telehealth services like Get My Pill has a team of licensed medical practitioners that can safely prescribe your birth control medication online. With a medically approved health form, private online consultations, and medication delivered right to your door, Get My Pill seeks to offer an alternative to all the unnecessary aspects of visiting a doctor.