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Diane-35 Birth Control Price in South Africa

In this article, you can find out the price of Diane 35 as well as other options for purchasing it, such as ordering it online through telehealth services.


The price of Diane 35 pills

A pack of Diane 35 control pills typically costs between R 211.11 - R 326.00.

Where can I buy Diane 35 contraceptive pills?

If you're thinking about beginning this birth control pill, you've got a few choices on where to get it. It's worth noting that, similar to other contraceptives, you can't just buy it over the counter. To buy the birth control pill Diane 35 you'll need a valid prescription from a licensed medical doctor.

The contraceptive pill can be purchased at three places:

  • Online Services(e.g. Through Get My Pill)
  • Private pharmacy/Clinics
  • Government clinics


Using Online Services to buy the contraceptive pill

Through online contraceptive and family planning services like Get My Pill you can purchase both your prescription for the oral contraceptive pill and have your medication delivered to your door without having to leave your home.

You can even schedule a telephonic consultation with a medical doctor at Get My Pill if you're concerned that Diane-35 may not be the right pill for you.

How it works

  1. Fill out a 2-minute health questionnaire and pay the prescription fee at checkout
  2. If approved, our licensed providers will issue a prescription after evaluating your order.
  3. Based on your choice you will receive your script via email or opt for free delivery

Buy your prescription for the Diane-35 pill


Price of birth control from Get My Pill

Get My Pill writes prescriptions for all birth control pill brands that are available in South Africa.

To make things easier, you can sign up for the Get My Pills subscription service, which charges you R90 per month for a prescription and automatically renews it.

Contraceptive method 3-month script 6-month script
The pill R250 R400


How to get your pill delivered

  • With delivery: You will purchase your medications directly from our delivery partner, Clicks Pharmacy through their EFT option (after paying our prescription fee, details will be sent via email). Medical aid is also accepted to cover your medication.
  • Without delivery: If you prefer not to have your medication delivered you can order your prescription only and use it to purchase your medication at any local pharmacy near you.


South African Pharmacies

In order to start using the birth control pill you are required to have a valid prescription. The prescription can be issued by a doctor, dispensing nurse, or dispensing pharmacist. You may be able to receive your birth control pills immediately during your appointment, or you will receive a prescription that can be used to purchase your pills from a pharmacy.


Government Clinics

The third method to get oral contraceptive medication is through the government clinic. There is no fee for the consultation or medication as long as you are a SA citizen but be aware, the waiting time can be extremely long. It might take you several weeks to get an appointment and a whole day to receive the medication.





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